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1! i hate my dad
2! my life is bad
3! i have a beard
4! my life's so weird

haha. rockin

so i went to rocky horror friday night. oh my. it was good times. my outfit was scary, i'll post a pic as soon as i acquire one

then saturday i had the great joy of waking up at 6:30am to go rake dirt. mmm. i signed up for this 'dover community cleanup' thingy, thinkin itd be doing something useful. turned out it was mostly planting flowers. but we didnt actually do that, even. i spent most of my time raking dirt and killing grass
and seeing as we had to get up at 6:30 (well we really didnt, as it turned out we were suposed to be there at 7, not leave at 7 as i thought [and as we ended up doing], and we got lost on teh way there cuz no one actually knew where it was. and we spent awhile just standing around when we got there all the same, so go figure), i got a whopping 3 hours sleep. so around 9 last night - when will was planning to play cool hands luke which i wanted to watch cuz i never have - i decided instead to go to sleep for awhile. and i got up at 9 this morning. yay!

damn, i always pronounced it with a rah

vanessa's living in woodruff next year! yay. you all should too

i like this song, it's pretty. but no matter how many times i listen to it, i can't decide if i think it's deep or just really stupid


take the antisocial test.

and go to because laura's feeling social.


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