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bah, no adult swim tonight. brianne got the tv. i need to start putting up a sign each week

if you do a selfless act because you enjoy it [1], does that make it selfish? if not, how is it different from doing something to recieve somethign more concrete whcih you enjoy? and if so, is there such thing as a truly selfless act?

(i don't think there is. generous selfless civic minded type people are just lucky enough to enjoy things whcih are more socially lauded than the greedy scumbags)

on a similar note, it occurs to me that the nature/nurture debate entirely ignores free will. do people have a hand in shaping their own personalities, or in how they want that shape to be?

[1] if the act results in death, this would include enjoying what you are going to do - martyrdom sorta thing

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