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backed up

well, while i'm waitin for angie to call back, i shall finally get around to updating this sucker. i have reportage to report.

so let's see, last time i said things of stuff was monday night, it seems. okie.. so tuesday i went to see if my prose journal had miraculously appeared yet. by golly it had, so i took it. and nastassia's was there too, so i figured i'd be cool and bring it to her. after lunch, of course. so yeah, turns out the teacher liked my story i thought she'd hate. score! that got an A, B for the portfolio, B- for participation (as nastassia pointed out, whatthehell was that based on? she got an A on that despite never talking), and B+ overall. good for dan. so i bring nastassia her's. laura is still asleep, as she would be for some time to come. apparently she was up all night doing schooly things. she makes cute whimpering noises in her sleep. so my plan was hang out there for awhile, go visit julie for awhile, and go pack up my stuff. i ended up being over there for about 22 hours, golly gosh. i don't know what i did all that time.. read thru her portfolio, we watched tv awhile, went to dinner (laura was up by this point.. and took an hour in the shower. gee,i've met my match), went to store24 for ice cream, watched velvet goldmine (effing weird movie, but it was cool. i have no idea what was going on tho), watched buffy and angel - buffy was pretty weak. it used to be entertaining cuz they knew they were dumb so had fun with it being all campy and amusing, but now it takes itself seriously. angel was alot better than i was expecting tho, as they are fully aware they make no sense. "dance the dance of respect!" - watched most of stuart little for some reason. i spent most of hte day collapsed on nastassia's bed in a state of lazy exhaustion. at some point - like 4am - laura's camcorder was employed and we had fun filming each other being dumb. eventually we went to sleep, bout 6, and i woke up at 11ish i think and went back to my room to pack. o yeah, and we invented a fun new sport: hula hoop dueling. i foresee olympic competitions.
wednesday i packed up my junk. it wasn't too thrilling. was sposed to go to dinner with julie, she said call her hwen i wanted to go. so like 5:15ish she calls and asks if i wanna go to the ice house with a buncha people. okie. so i walk over, and it's been changed to olive garden. okie again. so we all went to olive garden, whcih was quite yummy, and we claimed it was donny's bday thereby getting highy yummy cake. i want more of that cake, it was damn good. so we come back, and i hung out in julie's room til about 9. met moses, her large black friend who called me ghetto, which amused me, and sat in my lap, which frightened me.
so my plan had been leave wednesday nite, but when i was gettin near ready to have my room checked out i go to find my RA and he's heading to bed. o well. so i hung out that nite with shannah, felix, carly, and whatshername that girl who's around sometimes but i've never talked to. shannah asked for my email, at which point it occurred to me hey i should get people's emails! so i went around thursday doin that. also spent some time thursday waiting for kendahl to reappear as he'd decided to go vanish somewhere for awhile. got one last meal at philbrook - o how i'll miss thee :-/ - then he showed up, checked me out, and i was on my merry way. driving with a car fully loaded with stuff is interesting, especially when you go around a turn and you can hear stuff sliding around in the back. doh. but whtaver, got home, no one's here, start unpacking. mom arrived. continue unpacking. set up my computer cuz i'm a dork. didn't do much else thursday. but i was home, so yay.
friday, mostly the same. now my car had kept getting a flat tire so i went to bring it in to northern tire. i got there lil past 3:30 and the guy says they're backed up and come back tomorrow. bear in mind the place closed at 5. good grief. but whatever. so i went home. played guitar awhile which was cool. i need to go get some picks, i somehow lost all mine, i just have this crappy sliver of one left. went to a temple thing w/ my mom and brother, it was basically a party to honor old people. boring, but i got cake, so yay. saturday i successfully got my tire checked - there was a nail stuck in it! - then went off to see lauri. somehow we ended up bringing her sister to a softball game. 'byebye birdie' was cool, i enjoyed it. tho sitting there 3 hours w/ a camcorder was rather uncomfortable. went back to her house for awhile, then headed home at like 1:30. at that point i started feelling very weird. i don't know what it was, i felt almost really guilty about something, but i don't know. anyway tho, it sucked. i started getting freaked out. i have no idea. but i get home, go online a lil, go to bed. and now i'm fine, so okie doke. and angie still hasn't called,she said like 1:30. hmmm.

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