Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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tell your leaders love is in town
to turn this whole thing upside down
i can't take it anymore

O, let the solid ground
Not fail beneath my feet
Before my life has found
What some have found so sweet!
Then let come what come may,
What matter if I go mad,
I shall have had my day.

Let the sweet heavens endure,
Not close and darken above me
Before I am quite quite sure
That there is one to love me!
Then let come what come may
To a life that has been so sad,
I shall have had my day.
-Tennyson, Maud
for the record, the narrator of maud is quite insane. and that dante rossetti quote from earlier, he said that as a lament not a declaration of love. if i've taken anything from my victorian lit class, it's how warped our views of love and how it's supposed to be are, and how scarily important it is to us. creepy psycho stalkers are the perfectly logical end-result of petrarchan love, whcih is one of the bases of what our culture sees as romantic

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