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WHEN WILL I LEARN MY LESSON ABOUT THE DANGERS OF "SHORT NAPS" WHEN I HAVE WORK TO DO?????? i decided to sleep from approx 6:20-7, to get my focus back. and despite my setting the alarm and positioning it so i could not turn it off in my sleep, when did i get back out of bed? why 10, of course. but yeah, just wrote 6 pages of crap in 2 hours, and now i will write 6 more in the 2.5 hours remaining me. at least the importanter paper came out ok (ok). these two 6pg papers, whcih make up my american lit final, are 10% each, as opposed to the other paper whcih is 30%. whee. and he said for the final he grades solely on ideas, not on writing, as we knows we're pressed for time. so my complete lack of any order to my points will hopefully be overlooked (of course, i discovered in rereading the assignment that i did it dead-backwards. hopefully he'll overlook that too, but it seems less likely. umph!)

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