Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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well, i have about 5 minutes to write the last page of this, and i have absolutely nothing left to say. i just BSed 5 pages on identity and society in an hour, and quoted the damn books, and i don't have any more opinions. i didnt have any opinions to start with, and damned if i know what to say now. ooh, i spent my 5 minutes writing this instead. good job, dan! guess i'm gonna be late to class.. for a change..

ya know, everyone hates hanson, and largely with good reason, theyre pop cheese. but "this time around" is a great song, in a collective soul/black crowes/new radicals sort of way. and they dont even sound like little girls in this one

you can't say i didn't get it
i won't wait another minute
on my way this time around

*batman noises*

you know, ti's amazing that i'll spend weeks dreading assignments, and then when i finally after days and hours of procrastinating and stressing, write them in an hour. what the hell is that?

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