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o man.. so i went to cc for a latenight sub (i got 'the bug'. it's not bad, and contains relatively few bugs). behidn the counter was some guy who looked vaguely familiar and was making my sub, and two super drunk girls, who were babbling to some drunk guy about things being 5 bucks with chips, overandoverandoverandover. it was weird. then one of them turns to me suddenly and asks where i partied tonight. the guy yells "4 49!" adn walks off. i told her i didnt, and she didnt believe me, and started talking about all different bars around here and which ones i should go to. she asked if i've been to [i forget the name of the place] in boston, whcih apparently is a "fetish bar". she still coudlnt believe i hadnt partied tonight.. the guy makin my sub said maybe i'm not 21 and asked how old i am. i said 20, they say at least i'm close and she asked when my birthday is.
anyway, i think she's invited to my birthday party now.
it was very confusing.

saw apocalypse now redux tonight. it's 4 hours later and i'm STILL CONFUSED. friggin movie.

i should probably do my linguistics paper sometime. by sometime i mean tonight. but i don't even feel like i HAVE a paper to write, ya know? i'm just so burned out on this semester. i can't believe it's not over already. ennnnnnnnnnd

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