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Which Video Game Console are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

And now: Survey Stuffs.
**Have you ever***
*... kissed your cousin? on the cheek, probably
*... ran away? no
*... pictured your crush naked? o yes
*... broken someone's heart? i hope not
*... cried when someone died? yeah
*... wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? i am right now
*... broken a bone? no
*... drank alcohol? yeah
*... lied? yeah
*... cried in school? not since like 5th grade

***Do you believe in***
*... love at first sight? i dunno
*... God? as a vague concept, i suppose
*... kisses on the first date? yes!
*... monsters? human ones
*... horoscopes? haha, no
*... aliens? yeah. but not in xfiles abduction aliens or anything
*... ghosts? sometimes
*... heaven? no [but i do believe in an afterlife of some sort]
*... hell? no
*... cheating? no!

***Which is better***
*... Coke or Pepsi? coke
*... Sprite or 7-Up? sprite
*... Girls or guys? girlies
*... Flowers or candy? giving flowers, getting candy
*... Scruff or clean-shaven? i wish my stubble would just stop growing. for some reason, i like having a lil 5oclock shadow thing going, but it gets filthy too quickly
*... Quiet or loud? depends what's going on
*... Pools or hot tubs? both! you need both
*... Blondes or brunettes? brunette
*... Bitchy or slutty? um.. neither? what the hell. i guess slutty if i have to choose, at least i get some before i kick 'em to the curb (o man, i love that phrase. kick her to the curb, bitch!)
*... One pillow or two? two. as many as i can get
*... Pants or shorts? whatever i'm used to wearing
*... Gap, American Eagle, or Columbia? goodwill

***The Preferred Sex***
*... What do you notice first? eyes, smile, breasts, forearms
*... Last person you slow danced with? uhhh o man. andrea? yeah i think so. it's been awhile
*... Worst thing to do? i dunno. it'd probably involve chainsaws
*... Best place you know of to go? i shall steal the mel's answer: Ooh, time to quote the Lemonheads "Int your arms whoa, into your arms, I can goooo"
*... Short or long hair? either way
*... Piercings or none? one or two piercings (not counting ears). but this ranks very low on things that make any difference

***The last time you***
*... showered? yesterday evening
*... had sex? a past life (i hope)
*... have been to a party? new years. but there's an aegis party tomorrow night!
*... had a great time with the opposite sex? monday night with nastassia and heron. no wait! i hung out in kendra's room for a while last night, that was cool

***What is***
*... your good luck charm? don't have one
*... [who is] the person you hate the most? i don't think i hate anyone
*... the worst song you've ever heard? something country, probably. i dunno
*... the best thing that has happened to you today? nothing very good has happened today

*... Color: plum
*... Movie: brazil
*... Book: infinite jest
*... Subject in School: i hope english, it's my major
*... Online buds: hmm
*... Place to go when you have no where to go: the lounge or the stub. or my room.
*... Cars: whatev
*... Food: yes!
*... Ice cream: i like that almond mocha stuff they've got here a lot. but alltime, i think triple chocolate
*... Soft drink: mountain dew. or limonade (which needs to be available in nh)
*... Sports to watch: ok
*... Holiday: sure
*... Season: for weather? spring
*... Breakfast food: OMELETTE! YUMS!
*... Place to go with your honey: anywhere
*... Place to go with your friends: anywhere

*... makes you laugh the most? hmmm. jamie, godbout, laur, john, my parents
*... makes you smile? most people make me smile
*... has a crush on you? damned if i konw
*... do you have a crush on? yeah
*... gives you kisses? my dreams
*... do you like to kiss? yep
*... has it easier, guys or girls? overall, i'd imagine about the same

***Do you ever***
*... sit by the phone waiting for a call all night? occasionally
*... save AOL conversations? used to. i would if one deserved it
*... save emails? sometimes
*... wish you were someone else? sometimes
*... wish you were a member of the opposite sex? nah
*... want to look differently? not any more
*... cried because of someone's mean words? no

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