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ahh! - here is where i live

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May 20th, 2002

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11:01 am - ahh!
some of you are amateur dream interpreter types.. check this out (2nd half of the post). oh man.

i am having a completely undefinable emotion, right now, but it's rather unpleasant.

not that i feel anything like that link, but i love that one, i coudlnt resist using it. and in finding that link, i discovered that plif.com is not making any more comics. bastards! so, in memory, here are some of the good ones..

is one of the few sweet strips they ever did: http://www.plif.com/archive/wc265.gif
this one is silly, but it's one of my favorites: http://www.plif.com/archive/wc232.gif
oh creepy: http://www.plif.com/archive/wc221.gif
eat the stick! http://www.plif.com/archive/wc166.gif
state: :x
np: Ed Kowalczyk & Nina Cherry - Playing by Heart Soundtrack - - Walk In To This Room

(en garde!)

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