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i realize sometimes how much of a kid i am, that makes me happy. like when i was playing 1945 the other day (it's a flying planes around and shooting robots with lasers arcade game, if you missed that post), i was getting so into it, and yelling at the game and jumping up and down when i finally blew up that giant spider robot bastard, or when i buy an action figure on a whim because it can blow its head up[1], so i can sit there and make the shooting gun hand motion and push the button on his chest so his head pops open, and amuse myself endlessly. and then i go watch cartoons and play nintendo

oh yeah, as if the jar jar binks french kissing lollipop of std death wasnt bad enough, there apaprently exists a dancing and singing jar jar action figure thing. i woulda bought it if it wasnt like 30 bucks or something distressing. singing and dancing! ha!

[1] after searching ebay for "exploding head" action figures, i finally discovered who he is. max steele! so you all must fear the max steele blowing-up-his-own-head skillz, they will eat you

good night!

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