Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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holy shit, this is the best ever!

yay! it's all coming together now..

old guy comes into work: "hey, where are all the pretty girls that usually work here? what did you do with them?"
me: "uhmm"
him: "you just ruined my day!"
there havent been pretty girls working there for months now, as far as i know

but on the plus side, these 2 guys bought 20 cans of whipcream today, so they could blow their heads up. and two 14 yr old looking girls bought condoms, saying repeatedly it was for a scavenger hunt.

got my grades today...
B- in american lit, where i thought i'd have a C of some sort
B+ in syntax and semantics, where i thought i'd have C or B
B+ in victorian lit, was expecting B-
A in western civ, expectin B+

tomorrow: rock climbing! then big d / kith / 5$ show! whee!

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