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my day, in IM format

King Nixon (2:16:21 AM): hey
BIGGIE1982 (2:16:23 AM): hey
King Nixon (2:16:25 AM): whats up
BIGGIE1982 (2:16:42 AM): nada, yourself?
King Nixon (2:17:48 AM): i worked 10 hours today! the lady who was supposed to come on at 11 called in at 10 that she wasnt coming in cuz her teeth are exploding or something. so i was there til 1 when the asst manager came in
BIGGIE1982 (2:18:20 AM): wow....thats....awesome
BIGGIE1982 (2:18:28 AM): like dante in clerks
King Nixon (2:19:50 AM): haha, something like that. i wasnt even supposed to be there today! (or 2 hours of it)
King Nixon (2:20:06 AM): really it wasnt bad. gettin paid overtime to sit there and read, mostly
King Nixon (2:20:26 AM): i'd work 3rd shift btu my mom is violently opposed to me doin that
BIGGIE1982 (2:20:34 AM): why?
King Nixon (2:21:31 AM): cuz she thinks i'll get robbed and shot
BIGGIE1982 (2:22:13 AM): phh, they'd hit 7-11
King Nixon (2:22:47 AM): the most upscale convenience store gas station
BIGGIE1982 (2:23:08 AM): exactly!
BIGGIE1982 (2:23:14 AM): right next door too
King Nixon (2:23:34 AM): yeah it's handy
King Nixon (2:23:49 AM): whenever someone complains about prices or soemthign, i tell em there's a 7-11 across the street, go try there
King Nixon (2:24:27 AM): also they sell booze 15 minutes later than we do (nh law says you cant sell past 11:45, but cumbys stops at 11:30 just in case)
BIGGIE1982 (2:25:26 AM): haha, i'm sure your bosses would love that
King Nixon (2:27:29 AM): yeah, that's one of the things i try to avoid doing when the higher ups are around
King Nixon (2:28:12 AM): but generally it's good. and if htey decide to actually take me up on it, then hey, less work for me. except usually when peopel decide not to buy soemthing they just leave it on the counter for me to put away, cuz theyre scum. i always mean to yell at people when they do that, btu then i wuss out
BIGGIE1982 (2:29:00 AM): fucking people
King Nixon (2:29:04 AM): yep
King Nixon (2:30:03 AM): there's a lot of crazy people who come by the store too. some lady called today to ask me how to use her kmart charge card
King Nixon (2:30:51 AM): at 1st, i thought she was asking if she could use it at cumbys, but then she went off on somethign else and i didnt know what she was talking about, so i told her it might be a good idea to call kmart and ask them. so she says "yeah, i guess i'll try them"
BIGGIE1982 (2:31:12 AM): hahaha
BIGGIE1982 (2:31:15 AM): thats fucking amazing
BIGGIE1982 (2:31:18 AM): people suck
King Nixon (2:32:17 AM): yep
BIGGIE1982 signed off at 2:32:24 AM.

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