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i think don, the asst manager, was mildly drunk when he came in. he definiltey was when i called him at 10 to ask what to do, since the manager wasnt home. i called him around 10, he said he coudlnt come in cuz he was working in the morning and then he started babbling about something i couldnt really figure out. so i said thanks and hung up. later tami (manager) called, in response to the msg i left on her machine, and she called some people and called back to say don was coming in. i was kinda curious how that was gonna work out. he showed up looking really grubby and pissed to be there. and somehow, maybe not coincidentally, we got on teh subject of hangover cures
i felt kinda bad that he had to come in to work all night, in his obvious state of extreme blah and dishevelment. but hey, that's why he's the asst manager and i'm just a drone (actually i wouldve covered the shift myself if my mom wasnt so set against it. also, i have no idea what youre suposed to do on 3rd shift.. tami had left debbie (the one whose fault all this is) a note with all the stuff she was supposed to do, and it confused me[1])

misterplural (4:06:23 AM): lol poor bastard, i hate getting calls like that when i am drunk

[1] i always read the notes everyone leaves for each other there. i'm a nosy bastard. not that theyre at all personal or anything

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