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so apparently there is an upper limit to the length you can have in the subjectline. rather than edit it, i just deleted the whole fool thing. ah well.

eric is going to create me a lovely functioning computer out of cheaper-than-buying-a-computer-whole bits, and whatever doesn't suck from mine. he's a hardware wonk so i'll leave most of it up to him. because i am anti-wonk. i just like that word, really. wonk wonk wonk. but yeah, computer. yay. hopefully this one functions. tho first we're waiting for john to send me the extremely legal copy of windows xp he is illegally copying and mailing to me.

i mean, purchasing for me. because the fbi reads my journal all the time, you know.

ya know those 'do not use 100 bills' signs i put up at work all the time? i got to refer a customer to one today! i was excited, it's the first time someone's tried to use one while i had a sign up. she goes to hand me the bill, and without a word i point to the
$100 bills are bad.
very very bad.
if you try to pay with one, you are too.
sign. she wasn't too psyched about that and left. the other day, this twitchy hispanic guy came in to pay for gas, and he had a hundred. i said i didnt have enough change to take it (this turned out to be a lie, but i didnt know at the time. and didnt particularly care either. we've got a damn sign on teh door that says tehre's only 75 bucks in the register) and he says he doesn't have anything else with him. i ask him if he has an atm card, and point to the atm machien right behind him. he says no. i ask if he has a credit card. he says he doesn't believe in credit. then he looks at me as if it's my fault he doesn't have any realistic denominations. we go in circles a few times, and he is very insistant that he doesn't believe in credit. eventually it comes out that he DOES have a card, but it's only for emergencies he says. like if he gets a flat tire. i point out that he has no other way to pay, and if he drives off, he is a criminal. he still takes some convincing that this qualifies as a card-worthy event, but he finally hands it over, and continues to explain how he doesn't believe in credit while i'm charging it. then he leaves and the guy who had been standing behind him in line all this time calls him a fucking idiot


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