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my mom is being very motherful today, i dont knwo what's up. she came in and offered to make me dinner (fried eggs and waffle), and then later came to fetch the plate for washign and gave me half a bag of popcorn

i left work 2 hours early today, because there was nothing left to do. i was sposed to be stocking groceries all day, but it only took like 3 hours, so i did a lot of standing around, and gave up.

King Nixon (9:43:10 PM): ive been working a lottttttt
Scummder (9:43:14 PM): :o
Scummder (9:43:17 PM): are you rich?
King Nixon (9:43:24 PM): no :-(
King Nixon (9:43:30 PM): i'm not sure why not
Scummder (9:43:32 PM): aww! thats no fair! *makes you rich*
King Nixon (9:43:41 PM): yay!
Scummder (9:43:48 PM): YES!
King Nixon (9:44:24 PM): i got paid last week and it all but 60 bucks went into paying my credit card, which i dont remmeber having charged that much to. and now i only have 11 of hte 60 left and i dont know what i spent it on
Scummder (9:44:37 PM): spend it on a CD!
King Nixon (9:44:41 PM): i'm bad at this
King Nixon (9:44:45 PM): uhh
Scummder (9:44:48 PM): oh
Scummder (9:44:52 PM): what you SPENT it on
Scummder (9:44:52 PM): hehe
Scummder (9:44:57 PM): you spent it on a CD!
King Nixon (9:45:07 PM): youre not encouraging fiscal spending habits
King Nixon (9:45:09 PM): ha
King Nixon (9:45:11 PM): did not
King Nixon (9:45:14 PM): wait!!
Scummder (9:45:15 PM): did too!
King Nixon (9:45:15 PM): yeah i did
King Nixon (9:45:16 PM): haha
King Nixon (9:45:17 PM): i forgot
Scummder (9:45:20 PM): MUAHAHAHAHA!
King Nixon (9:45:26 PM): hahahah dammit!
Scummder (9:45:28 PM): I rox0r your spending habits!
King Nixon (9:45:38 PM): stupid must and gargantua soul for having good music i wished to own
Scummder (9:45:38 PM): *makes Ace Ventura thrusting motions*
King Nixon (9:45:41 PM): ew

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