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i like your mom - here is where i live

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June 15th, 2002

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02:02 am - i like your mom
i'm in one of my undefinable moods. i don't particularly want to do anything. i don't feel like reading or watching tv (which i just got done doing when i got sick of it. have you seen the 'shit' episode of south park? that was wonderful) or writing or going anywhere in particular - not that there's much anywhere to go at 2 in hte morning - and especially i don't feel like being online. but what else am i gonna do? i'm not at all tired so i can't just go to sleep

today was so good, tho. i saw sara for the 1st time in a mabillion years (every time i see her is the 1st time in a mabillion years, i should stop that). we went to the friendly toast with jess and dan (another dan she works with. he was a cool guy). on the way back, we all but otherdan fell asleep and he got very lost, in as much as we ended up in lynnfield mass, whcih is near boston. sara had told him to get off at exit something and keep going til we hit highway whatever.. so when we got to that exit and he was the only one left alive, he took it and kept going and the highway never appeared. why he didn't wake any of us up to try and get help in finding his way is beyond me (or for that matter, why he didnt' turn around and go back when we passed the big WELCOME TO MASSACHUSETTS sign). thankfully i woke up eventually and he asked if i knew where we were. then sara woke up and called her mom on her cell. we are the suaveness.
i bought a metronome today.

my parents leave at like 9am tomorrow for their trip. so you come here, or invite me there, or similar. otherwise i might have to exert energy on my own behalf, and we can't have that now, can we
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(en garde!)

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