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wisdom and stuff

2 quotes for y'all....

1st, from claire's profile, awhile back (and reminded to me by laur).. "and though i walk home alone, my faith in love is still DeVoUT" (the caps, she says, are not significant)
i won't bother responding to this too indepth just now, but yeah.. something i really need to keep in mind more often, i think. i'm tryin, anyway.. hmm..

2nd, "always remember, two wrongs don't make a nice." that's pretty self explanatory, but i like it. it's smart and it's cute. which makes sense, it's from shannon's profile, and she is too. she's a girl in my dorm.. seems kinda odd, withdrawn, but a nice cute person. tho i get the feeling she doesn't like me, somehow. i dunno. she could just be shy. i dunno, not a big deal, just that she seems a really cool person cept for the whole seeming to dislike me thing (no, that's not quite right.. not dislike so much as disinterested), so that kinda bothers me. i don't like when i don't register for people. meh. also, i see her every day, seeing as she's right down the hall. she also could be reading this, now that i think about it - i've talked to her on aim once or twice and the link to here is in my away msg.. hm, hi shannon!
crazy hippie dorm.. dorm relations are odd.. just from proximity and seeing someone 19 times a day, you're friends, but i get the feeling that if i wasn't living here, there aren't a lot of people i'd have any contact with. of course, i spose i could say that for most of my friends here. i believe the current count is that 4 people have come to visit my room (and angie doesn't really count for this, seeing as she doesn't go to unh.. so that's 3).. and 2 of them cuz i was gonna be driving back to manch with them and forgot my keys, so they came with me to get them. so, the grand total of unh people who have come to my room to see Dan's Dorm Room is: heron. hmm. (what was it, 8 hours ago i insisted i wasn't emo? haha, o well. k, steph, you win, i'm emo. but i'm still not an emo kid, cuz there's a difference. for instance, i don't eat oatmeal :-p) i don't mean this to say i think any of the rest of you are not really friends cuz of that, or whatever. just.. i dunno, i wonder sometimes what people would do if i stopped going to find them. tho this is all partially my fault, i've distanced myself to an extent. but know what? i have way too much homework to be talking on here now (friggin addictive journaly thing), so i'll finish emoing another time

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