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don't stop the rock

o audiogalaxy, you were a respectable replacement for napster. now your time has also come.

yes i'm aware there's 20358353 other p2p programs out there, but i'm lazy. i'd rather find one good one and use it for hte rest of my life than have to switch every time some record exec wants his stock options to go up half a point or whatever the hell theyre doin this for

i made a valiant attempt to record a song tonight. i got the guitar sortof kinda not bad, decided i didn't feel like learning my drum program thing, and discovered that the mic i bought for 10 bucks from radioshack like 2 years ago is - surprise surprise - a big piece of crap. not only is it the zzzzzzzfuzziest sound ever, it's fucking QUIET. i had to massively boost hte volume to make it at all useful, which wasnt helpful in teh fuzziness department. i tried plugging it into my amp to see if that would help, but it was too quiet for the amp to even notice there was noise going in (i assume that's why it wouldn't work. do mics work in some fundamentally differnet way than electric guitars or keyboards?)
or maybe i just need to replace the batteries
on the plus side, i am getting a little better at playing with something approaching rhythm. stupid slavedriving metronome.

how much is a good passable mic?

why do i care? i could be perfectly content tooling about with my guitar in my room, and playing songs to myself on my bed. the only reason to record anything is so i can put it online and everyone else can say "ooh that's so good!" and i can pretend youre all being sincere. i love music but i'm nto passionate about it, i want to be a rockstar so people will scream and faint when i walk by

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