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June 21st, 2002

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02:49 pm - you know
whenever i buy something online, they have that annoying confirmation page taht says to save it for your records. so i do, justin case. then they email me the order info anyway. why do they tell you to save it if theyre sending it to you? morons

wednesday niight, i had a strange dream. i was at home when april from papa ginos calls, they need me to come in and work for the night. i say okay, and a prompt half hour (!!) later, i leave for work. instead, i go to visit subblimegrrl. hang out at her house awhile, tell her i'll be right back and leave. then i go to candy_angel's. we talk about comic books or something. then i remember i'm supposed to be at work, so leave for ginos. except it's closed when i get there. on the way out of the parking lot, i see ahead of me there's this guy gets out of his car, pours something all over the left-turn lane, sets it aflame, and drives off (left turn of course). luckily i'm going right, so i dont worry about it. bear in mind, i'm walking, not driving. anyway, i see vince coming down the street and he stops to talk. tells me he wanted to get out of ginos (i was coming in to cover him apparently) so he could finish his final. some science class. i think to myself how lucky i am that none of my classes assigned finals over the summer like most classes do (in HELL). so he drives off to do his final, and i'm heading back to mel's. only instead i wind up in my room somehow. so i read comic books. the end.

saturday i am working 14 hours straight. 9am to 11pm. it's gonna fuckin rule. i fully expect to kill myself by the end of the day. this will be the 2nd longest i've worked in a row - the longest was xmas at abacus. that was the best day ever. getting like 20 bucks an hour, we got 1 call maybe every 40 minutes. i spent all day sitting in a really comfy chair, reading maxim and talking to aaron (who had signed up to work 24 hrs straight, but they sent him home after like 20 when he started going insane). it's a shame that place sucked when it WASN'T christmas

in much shittier news.. lyzi is an idiot. apparently when she had her tumor removed, one of the reasons she went to the ER, aside from intense pain, was taht she had been vaginally bleeding for a month or so. now, she has been for the past 2 weeks, and has been feeling sick lately. but she won't get it checked. she keeps making appointments to go in, and then deciding at the last minute not to go. she has this huge fear of doctors, or hospitals. a few years ago, when i brought her to the hospital, that night she was in so much pain she was crying just sitting there, i'd called that ask-a-nurse thing and the lady said to bring her to a hospital, it still took an hour to convince her to go.

ps: humidity should die.

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Date:June 21st, 2002 01:50 pm (UTC)
hee, i remember working 15ish hours at convergys one christmas day doing email tech, and sleeping off in the corner by a window for more of it.. bein a voice agent by trade, i had just a generic email id, and they couldn't track me beyond knowing i was off doing email somewhere. that was great.. i loved the email project.

um yeah, if anything down there starts bleeding, i'm going in and having it lopped off..
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Date:June 22nd, 2002 02:00 am (UTC)
have you ever thought to ask her why she doesn't like doctors and hospitals and such?

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