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TheUndergrndHero (3:32:17 AM): Ha ha! What's up dude!? Love the new SN!
TheUndergrndHero (3:32:33 AM): I missed your message, but I got your new name in my buddy list.
TheUndergrndHero (3:32:42 AM): So what's up? Been a while since we talked.
TheUndergrndHero (3:32:52 AM): Still bangin that one chick, what's her name.... Heather
King Nixon (3:33:14 AM): um
King Nixon (3:33:17 AM): sorry, who are you?
TheUndergrndHero (3:33:24 AM): Dude, it's me Jacob
TheUndergrndHero (3:33:30 AM): Duh lol
King Nixon (3:33:44 AM): berry?
TheUndergrndHero (3:33:58 AM): No no Crowley.
TheUndergrndHero (3:34:01 AM): Remember, high school
King Nixon (3:34:24 AM): apparently i dont..
King Nixon (3:34:24 AM): hmm
TheUndergrndHero (3:34:32 AM): Come on Scott, quit fuckin around.
King Nixon (3:35:17 AM): youve got the wrong guy
King Nixon (3:35:21 AM): no scotts here
TheUndergrndHero (3:35:33 AM): No way, it says in your SN KindNixon.
TheUndergrndHero (3:35:35 AM): Oh shit....
King Nixon (3:35:51 AM): haha
King Nixon (3:35:53 AM): you were close..
TheUndergrndHero (3:35:55 AM): I'm so sorry dude!
TheUndergrndHero (3:35:59 AM): Aw man I feel bad
King Nixon (3:36:00 AM): thats ok
King Nixon (3:36:03 AM): dont feel bad!
King Nixon (3:36:16 AM): now you'll have a fun story to tell scott
TheUndergrndHero (3:36:31 AM): Yeah but this is bad.
TheUndergrndHero (3:36:33 AM): Oh man....
King Nixon (3:36:41 AM): whys it bad?
TheUndergrndHero (3:37:16 AM): Well... The reason he got a new SN is because he pissed off a ton of people with the other one.... So he got all sorts of threats and shit....
TheUndergrndHero (3:37:26 AM): I'd hate it if someone did the same thing I did and started threatening you.
King Nixon (3:38:12 AM): umm
King Nixon (3:38:13 AM): okay
King Nixon (3:38:27 AM): he pissed off people with nixon or the other name?
TheUndergrndHero (3:38:32 AM): The old name
TheUndergrndHero (3:38:37 AM): He just got this Nixon one.
King Nixon (3:38:38 AM): then no problem
TheUndergrndHero (3:38:49 AM): No no, he has a tendency to make people mad on here.
TheUndergrndHero (3:38:59 AM): He loves the whole idea that people can't see him
King Nixon (3:39:06 AM): ha
King Nixon (3:39:08 AM): lame-o
TheUndergrndHero (3:39:29 AM): I know, he's a retard sometimes.
TheUndergrndHero (3:39:40 AM): I'll try to get him to change it.
King Nixon (3:39:48 AM): dont worry about it
TheUndergrndHero (3:40:05 AM): Are you sure? He can get pretty racy sometimes
TheUndergrndHero (3:40:20 AM): Wouldn't want BIGMANASSKICKER To IM you and threaten to nuke your comp
King Nixon (3:40:50 AM): to nuke my comp?
TheUndergrndHero (3:41:02 AM): Yeah, you know how 12 year olds with viruses can be
TheUndergrndHero (3:42:20 AM): God damnit, he won't listen to me
King Nixon (3:42:39 AM): apparently he's going to mAkE mE pAy
TheUndergrndHero (3:42:49 AM): Eh, he's all talk.
TheUndergrndHero (3:43:15 AM): I'm trying to reason with him.
TheUndergrndHero (3:44:33 AM): You got a firewall though, right?
TheUndergrndHero (3:46:00 AM): Scott, knock that shit off, this isn't fucking funny, leave the guy alone
TheUndergrndHero (3:46:17 AM): Shit, I did it again, ignore that comment
TheUndergrndHero (3:46:48 AM): Is he still bugging you?
King Nixon (3:47:00 AM): yeah i do and yeah he is
TheUndergrndHero (3:47:33 AM): Well, one out of two isn't bad.
TheUndergrndHero (3:48:10 AM): I'm really sorry about all of this.
King Nixon (3:49:53 AM): dont worry about it
King Nixon (3:49:59 AM): just give him some more glue to sniff, he'll be fine
TheUndergrndHero (3:50:08 AM): Dude, you're too fucking racist for your own good, I swear to God you should move down to Georgia and just get a fucking bedsheet!
TheUndergrndHero (3:50:36 AM): God damnit, wrong window again lol
King Nixon (3:50:47 AM): you need some more practice at this whole IMing thing..
King Nixon (3:51:02 AM): anyway, i'm goin to bed
King Nixon (3:51:08 AM): have fun with your shitty friend
King Nixon (3:51:09 AM): goodngiht
TheUndergrndHero (3:51:14 AM): Night man, sorry again

Kind Nixon (3:41:02 AM): you fag
Kind Nixon (3:41:13 AM): change yor screen name
King Nixon (3:41:16 AM): that's not very kind
King Nixon (3:41:20 AM): fuck you, iv'e had this for years
Kind Nixon (3:41:56 AM): change it, or i'll mAkE yOu PaY
King Nixon (3:42:17 AM): okay, mr 1337
Kind Nixon (3:43:06 AM): lOg oFf yOu'rE nAmE nOw, oR pAy tHe PrIcE l8TeR
King Nixon (3:43:17 AM): what price is that?
King Nixon (3:43:36 AM): ive got a couple quarters with me, if thatll cover it
Kind Nixon (3:44:12 AM): HaHa vErY fUnNy, DaNieL C. wIdReW
Kind Nixon (3:44:52 AM): aLrEaDy fIgUrEd ThAt OuT, wHaT eLsE cOuLd I kNoW?
King Nixon (3:45:30 AM): very exciting things, i'm sure
Kind Nixon (3:46:01 AM): tHaT iS yOuR nAmE, coRrEct?
Kind Nixon (3:47:00 AM): hMmMMmMmmMMMM
Kind Nixon (3:47:11 AM): PoTsDaM, NY?
Kind Nixon (3:47:22 AM): MaNcHeStEr, NH?
King Nixon (3:47:23 AM): no, i'm jesus christ. dont make me turn you to a pillar of salt
Kind Nixon (3:47:39 AM): or SeAtTle, WaShiNgTon?
King Nixon (3:47:41 AM): i live in two states?
King Nixon (3:47:47 AM): woah, three states?
King Nixon (3:47:50 AM): i must be rich
King Nixon (3:47:54 AM): maybe i can afford more than just that quarter
Kind Nixon (3:48:22 AM): yOu'rE oNe oF 3 DaN WiDrEw'S
King Nixon (3:48:34 AM): really? cool
King Nixon (3:48:52 AM): anyway, have a nice day. i'm going to bed

and john gets extra bonus points for this..

tiiznit: hey kingnixon! how are you!
kindnixon: LeAvE
tiiznit: my house? damn, am i being evicted again?
*** Error while sending IM: Not logged on

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