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apparently carter is coming to work at cumbys now. this should be interesting.
cyndi (area manager lady): *calling some people who had applied to see if theyll come in thursday to interview*
me: [surprised, seeing as we have negative business] youre hiring people?
cyndi: yeah. you know anyone who wants a job?
me: hmm. actually, yeah. i'll let him know you're looking for people
cyndi: do you think he'd be interested? call him!
me: um, now?
cyndi: yeah. is he home? can he come in thursday morning?
and thus we enter a new era. it'll be awesome, assuming i dont wind up killing him.
oh, speaking of which (the working which, not the killing which), claire and beth are working at the sub shop that's gonna open up next door. ha! this is getting fun

King Nixon (12:18:49 AM): the best guy came into cumbys today..
King Nixon (12:19:11 AM): he buys his milk, and he's about to walk out, but he stops and asks me "are you a homo...... -wner?"
King Nixon (12:19:17 AM): then he tried to sell me roofing
ijustwanamakeout (12:19:24 AM): hahahahahahaha
ijustwanamakeout (12:19:26 AM): idiot.
King Nixon (12:20:24 AM): i dont think he said it that way on purpose, but it was so funny. i coudlnt think of a thing to say, i just stared at him like what the fuck, then he finished the word and i laughed at him
King Nixon (12:20:36 AM): he said if i coudl find anyone who needed roofing and they hired him, he'd give me a 100$ finders fee
ijustwanamakeout (12:20:44 AM): woah!
King Nixon (12:21:11 AM): yeah. so do you need a creepy white trash guy to fix your roof?
ijustwanamakeout (12:21:32 AM): haha
ijustwanamakeout (12:21:33 AM): no thnaks
ijustwanamakeout (12:21:47 AM): you should tlel him you have a friend that lives in tenesse or something
ijustwanamakeout (12:21:48 AM): hehe
King Nixon (12:23:20 AM): i dont get paid til he does, tho
ijustwanamakeout (12:23:24 AM): haha
King Nixon (12:23:55 AM): "so if you have like an aunt or something that needs their roof done.. i'll give you.. as soon as she hands me the check, RIGHT THAT SECOND, i will give her a hundred dollar bill and say this is for your nephew!"
ijustwanamakeout (12:26:24 AM): haha nice
King Nixon (12:27:10 AM): i was impressed, to say the least
King Nixon (12:27:22 AM): oh, and some guy dropped a 12pack of coke and it exploded everywhere
ijustwanamakeout (12:27:43 AM): haha that sucks

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