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watched jeepers creepers tonight. i am disapointed, but pleased. disapointed, because the movie sucked. it started off well, scarily even, but then becomes crap and stays there. but, on the plus side, it's an actual horror movie with an actual semi-original monster, and not a scream slasher comedy thing part 32. so props for that.

conan was on spaceghost, which made me go :D and the next episode was all the voice actors sitting around trying out the script, which was cool. the guy who plays spaceghost always talks like spaceghost! even when he's just talking. oh man, i'd cry

went to the beach yesterday, twas fun! i got wrecked in house of the dead, as i usually do because i cant aim that gun for beans. heidi's boobs kept trying to escape her shirt. hmm. we all slept at alicia's, watched fargo (whcih i dont think was the right mood of movie for the time, but dave wanted to rent it), and today i went to the importance of being earnest (whcih was pleasantly pointless, as wilde should be), with ben. jeez, i watch movies a lot.
i had a chef boyardee microwave lasagna last night, when i took it out of the microwave it sloshed boiling sauce all over my hand. one AGHH CRAP DAMMIT later, it is plummeting and i stop it by essentially punching it against the counter, whcih didnt help in the whole "keeping boiling sauce off my hand" department. so now i have a blister on my finger that i keep poking and prodding and wanting to pop and yet i dont want to pop it. i'm wounded!

oh yeah, this week, since i'm only working monday-wednesday, i somehow got scheduled to work 12 hour shifts (11-11) all 3 days. dead man walking. AND i forgot to watch the 'burbs tonight.

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