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there are 4 empty boxes on my taskbar, and they wont go away. i dont know what htey are.

on a sadder note, i had to actually work today! it was distressing. apparnetly cyndi (area manager) wants all the stores in her area to be extra clean now or something, so i had to clean shelves and crap all day. that cleaning solution we spray everywhere gets really nasty after awhile. i was breathing it in all day and my lungs were saying HEY STOP THAT! IT'S GROSS! not to mention my hands feeling sticky and weird now. bah. i was counting on today to be 12 hrs of slacking off, dammit. and tomorrow she wants me to go down to the union st store to help them clean.

update: one of the boxes isn't empty anymore. it is now "MsoDockLeft" which i couldn't find anything about on google. f? also, i discovered something even more bizarre.. if i open an email and hit backspace when the cursor cannot back up to anywhere, it will make that ding noise it always makes in such situations. but now, it will also make 7 purple dots appear. bah. i hope this goes away after a nice reboot. but since i'm going to sleep in a sec, i won't find out til tomorrow

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