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yesterday was amazing, in that crap sorta way. it wasn't ALL bad, certainly - i worked with carter for awhile, which was cool, and talked to amy for like 1 1/2 hrs that night. but most of work was suck. for example! one of hte things i had to do yesterday was put away the absurd amount of motor oil they had ordered. we will never have to order any again, ever. seriously, there's so much. but anyway, so i'm putting that away, i look down, and discover that my burn blister has somehow torn open and is leaking blister goo all over. so i figure i'll go and put a bandaid on it. i put down the pricing gun, and somehow in the process knock over a can of bug spray, which smashes on the floor and starts spraying all over everything and making a bjg nasty mess. so i pick it up and, not knowing what to do, bring it outside, so at least i won't be spraying bugspray all over the store. examining it, i see that some of hte plastic smashed and is lodged against the spray nozzle, which is why it won't stop. so i whip it at the ground, hoping to smash it further and dislodge the piece. it works. now, at this point, a little background--
the store is INFESTED with all manner of nasty insects. there's moths, ants, mosquitos, beetles, weird pincher things, weird antenna-ed things, giant spiders, small spiders, scary flying things that look like a mosquito crossbred with a daddy longlegs, etc. there's always bugs walking around, and possibly even grosser there's always dead bugs all over everything. it's even worse when it gets dark out, because we have these lights that go on in the evening, right outside the store. this obviously attracts lots of bugs, which all go swarming all over the outside of the store, whcih is made up of picture windows. so i get to spend the night watching bugs flying all over the place and crawling around the windows. it's pretty horrible.
--so, i'm standing there with half a can of bug spray, and i figure i may as well get some use out of it. i start spraying it all on the windows, in the theory that maybe the bugs will not attack that night. the spray, instead of dripping down water-like as i was expecting, dries and makes a big nasty looking mess. before i have a chance to realize "hey, that's not good. i should stop spraying now", a wind suddenly starts up and blows the spray directly into my face. this is a very bad thing for bugspray to do. i go AHH NO FUCK and run inside to wash it off before it goes in my eyes and blinds me or something. and it all would have gone in my eyes if not for my glasses, which were nicely coated. anyway, i clean off, the window is covered in grossness, i try to clean off hte floor that it had originally sprayed itsself all over but it won't wash off and left big sticky patches. and, appropriately enough, the bugs that night were just as bad as always. yay
epilogue: so today i go into work, and the 1st thing i notice is that the windows are still covered in sticky dry bugspray. but apparently all the bugs that were too stupid to stay hte hell away had gotten STUCK to the windows and died. so hte store was covered in dead bugs. my first job of hte day was to squeegee them off.
and i'll just point out that having bugs get stuck and die is exactly what you DON'T want bug spray to do, in as much as bug spray is generally sprayed on your body to keep bugs off you. anyone using that brand will end up covered in dead bugs. COOL!

ps: while i'm bitching about work (i do that a lot, dont i), i'll mention that we discovered today that the construction crew which has spent the past few weeks tearing up our parking lot and playing with gas lines and wiring and whatnot, did not have hte proper permits. so, when they found that out, they all just left. as in, they left all their equipment lying right where it was, didnt bother putting up caution tape or anything like they usually do when htey leave. just put down their stuff and drove the hell off. so, assuming the city is nice and decides to grant us the REAL permits, it'll take, at the least, 2 more weeks to get done than theyd planned. yay. i get the feeling i'll come back the 21st, to go back to work, and they'll still be trying to get something fixed. ah well

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