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it's time for the always-exciting Dan's Post About What Happened At Work Today. yay!

some guy, after asking for a bag to put his smirnoff in, referred to the plastic bag as a "grocery condom"
i finally got on 101. as i'm sure i've mentioned before, i almost always listen to them when i'm at work - despite their having the most homogoneous bland repetitive (clearchannel) playlist possible - because the only stations that we can get there are 101, country, and pop (which i also listen to sometimes. they played "heart of the matter" tonight, which is one of my favorite songs!). also, not having much else better to do, i will call in all the time, for whatever: requests, comments, trying to win contests, etc[4]. in all this time, and all the times i'd called in prior to working there, they've only played one of my requests (and it was played the next day. so most likely, they have played bunches of my requests when i wasn't listening anymore) and never played my call on the radio. tonight i called in twice, once to tell them they should never play adema again because they are a terrible band[1], and responding to a question he'd asked about what we all thought of eminem, since he (eminem) is so gosh-darned popular and he (dj rob) suspects that some of us loyal rock fans may be secretly buying an evil rap cd. ok, he actually said he liked eminem and he was wondering what we thought of him. he said that if he'd asked the same question 5-10 years ago,he would have gotten tons of angry calls about how rap sucks and he should go suck eggs. i called to point out that they've been playing rap on 101 for years anyway: linkin park, p.o.d., limp bizkit, etc. and i got played on the radio, cuz i had a good point. yay me. yeah, i know this is stupid, but i was amused (and oddly proud).

on a less hooray note, i got to spend my work time today cleaning out the bathroom. the astoundingly filthy slimy grimy bathroom. todd is going to get it organized (he is kicking ass at organization. i am seriously impressed at how he's gotten control of the sprawling mess that was the store under tami's reign) and looking pretty, and it will officially be a public restroom. apparently it was technically only for employees. this was news to me. this was a corporate order, which todd said they never really wanted people to enforce, but if they were on record for saying don't let anyone use it, when a customer went in there and tripped and broke his face off, it would be my fault for letting him go in, and he coudln't sue the company (i suspect this isn't true, considering a successful suit i read about awhile ago wherein some dumbfuck was tresspassing on a couple's fenced backyard, which he had climbed the fence to get into, when the couple was not home, and he went swimming in their pool and drowned. his parents sued the couple for negligence and won. what i learn from this is that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD IS VERY VERY STUPID.) but now the idea is that if we officially have public restrooms then it will be a more comfortable environment for our sheeplike customers. so, i spent this evening hauling out all the disgusting moist crusty junk in the bathroom, and piling it up behind the counter so i could trip on it for hte rest of the night. there were so many unlabeled bottles with weird colored liquids, and unhealthy looking disintegrating lumps of what looked like rusted fiberglass, and various bits of junk, and i didn't find the box of plastic gloves until halfway through, and ew ew ew. it was good clean fun.

speaking of suave corporate planning-- they still haven't managed to get the right permits, and don't expect to for at least a month, so the company has decided to cut their losses and have us close the store every night, from midnight to 5am. so we no longer have a 3rd shift. to keep everyone getting their normal # of hours, we're all getting shuffled out to other area stores since the hours we can work are limited now. i am working wednesday and friday at teh hanover store, where i am told i will spend the whole day busily ringing in purchases for EBT-using weirdos. joy.
it was so strange locking the store and leaving it empty. i've never seen that place not open, i felt like i was abandoning it. not to mention the fact that all the lights and computers and whatnot were still running. i have no idea how to shut that stuff off (if it CAN be shut off).

i had a great conversation with some fat gangsta-looking fellow as i was walking out of the store to lock up and go home.
me: *walking towards the door to leave*
guy, sitting in the passenger seat of a car outside: yo, come out here!
me: *goes out*
guy: yo yo yo, get me some phillys, i'll give you two bucks
me: i can't, we're closed for the night.
guy: get me some phillys, i'll give you two bucks
me: i can't, the register is closed
guy: get me some phillys. you can steal it til tomorrow and put in the two bucks then
me: we're closed, sorry
guy: get me some phillys. i'll give YOU two bucks
me: we're closed
guy: aw shit, now where do i go? *whoever was driving proceeds to drive away. i watch them drive away and NOT pull into the 7-11 right across the street*

[1] adema is a terrible band. they are why people hate nu-metal. boring stupid music, not very talented, painfully irritating vocals, and unbelievably stupid and clumsy lyrics all about how tough his life is. (and how tough it is- he's jon davis (korn)'s half brother or something. i bet it was real tough for him to get a record deal). in their current song, he's bitching about how he was an outcast because he was a weirdo ("No one ever liked me cause I wasn't wanted" what the hell does that mean??). his one example of being different is that he did drugs. wow! how very unique and unusual and shockingly antisocial! he goes on to say that some anonymous "you" (by god, he must mean us the audience! we've all been so cruel to the misunderstood drug using freaks. i, for one, am quite ashamed) was trying to be just like him and walk like him, etc (yep, i know i try to emulate everyone i dislike), but "you" don't like him, "even when it comes to my hair". poor guy, with his crappy misunderstood hair. if i ever have nothing better to do than complain about people not liking my haircut[2][3], stab me.

[2] as per lauri's advice, i am no longer actively combing my hair (her advice was only to not comb it while it was drying, after a shower. but when i like something, i run with it), on the theory that since it will not stay where i comb it to anyway and will just end up a mess, i may as well not expend the effort. so i just kinda mash it down with my hands, and voila! also, i'm about due for a haircut, but i don't want to, because my roots are already starting to grow in and the more of the dyed hair i get cut off, the more quickly it will all be back to the normal color[3].

[3] speaking of which, the tally of compliments for my thrilling new hair color is up to......... 1. yay! it was the kid who comes in all the time to buy 60 keystone lights with a fake florida ID. i suspect he was humoring me so i'd keep letting him kill his braincells. my mom asked me last night what everyone thought of my hair, i told her they thought i looked like ronald mcdonald (actually, carrottop was mentioned more, but everyone who said that should die and they don't count). she laughed SO hard, for like 5 minutes, it was bizarre. she didn't know why it was so funny, but she couldn't stop. she had the same reaction when i told her doug said she sounded like a jewish mom.
oh, and this little kid said the cutest thing today. he comes in all the time, since he lives right around the corner. he calls me monkey boy, due to the plastic robot monkey thing (the one you gave me, lauri) i have hanging on my apron. so he comes up today and says "i have something new to call you now!" "what?" "red hair boy!" and he gives me a big smile.

[4] that reminds me, i'm going to call in tomorrow and ask if they've looked at and what they think of it

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