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fuck off


don't throw stones at the dictator

this is the lamest thing i have seen yet on a pop-up ad:
Impress Your Friends by Spotting Quiz Trends!

Tired of being the last to know about the latest hot quiz? Simply take 10 seconds to sign up for my Sneak Preview Quiz List. I'll let you know about the newest quizzes 48 hours before anyone else does - guaranteed!
it came up and i just started laughing.

i'm getting sick of my job. i really hate selling cigarettes to people. HATE it. i don't like selling alcohol either, which is pretty stupid since i drink. but not often, and seeing the same dirty braindead people come in every day and buy cases of bud is disheartening.

so, i'm pissed off. background- a friend of mine spends much of his time living with his mom in somethingorother canada. so, a year or so ago (i forget actually when), an expedition up there was planned. that ended up being cancelled. a NEW expedition did end up going there not too long after, of which i was not informed until the night before they were leaving (when sheena IMed to ask if i have a car and if so could i drive her up). right. anyway, i guess people were planning on going up there this weekend again, which i didn't know about until carter told me it was cancelled. this is one thing in a long line of happenings that i have NO idea about because no one ever tells me shit because no one ever talks to me. and even when i make hte effort to talk to them, they don't tell me anything. i feel so excluded with these people. i think carter and ben are the only ones of the crew who actually talks to me of their own volition. i don't fucking know. it's not that they don't like me, everyone seems happy to see me when i'm there. they just don't care when i'm not
(note: 'the crew' being all the manch area kids who i grew up with. and it's not just a matter of losing touch or whatever, half of them go to unh with me)

and, for an unrelated reason, i just punched my desk and my hand hurts

[this is from last night, but lj was being poo and wouldn't let me post]

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