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hear ye

someone told me to do this once awhile ago and i thought it was a great idea, but i never followed thru until today:
from now on, whenever you get junk mail, open it and see if they included anything you're supposed to mail back that doesn't need a stamp. if it's an envelope, stuff all their crap back into it (or put some other junk mail in it, for even more fun) and mail it back. if one of those postcard things, send it blank, or write swears on it or something. the point is to waste their postage money to make up for them sending us all so much junk

in other news, DO NOT GET WINAMP 3.0. good lord does that thing suck.. it is slow and locks up and can't do half of what 2.8 can (it's a new program, not an update. really it shouldn't be 3.0). it does have some cool features - the crossfader works pretty well, and the media library looks like it'll be fun when it works properly (which it does not). apparently aol forced them to release it before it was finalized, whcih explains the shittiness. and if you do feel the need to try it out, do not put it in the normal winamp folder like i stupidly did. when i uninstalled it it also uninstalled 2.8 and stole all my codecs and plugins and whatnot. good times.

as per usual, i didn't do most of what i had intended to today. ah well.

(i do feel better than that crossed out post btw, if you were concerned)

i went to a ren faire yesterday and had fun. i don't have anything in particular to say about it, but i thought i'd mention it. the mud wenches were supercute and exhausting joe was exhausting.

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