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my head won't leave my head alone....

"i think you should all forget what you're doing and be rock stars" -fred durst. i'm all for that. from now on, dan is a rock star!

here are the most exciting things to happen to me today: julie was online for like a whole minute. whoo. and more enthralling for you, o gentle reader, the phuckan KNIFE SHOW was on the shopping channel tonite when i was eating my leftover oriental chicken, and rice, from theos. that show RULES! it's these insane guys selling massively hugely ginormous sets of wicked random knives (such as what they were selling tonite while i watched, which seemed to be a big cutlery set, a bunch of bowie knives, and THREE SAMURAI SWORDS. they're big on swords on the knife show, especially bigass samurai ones) and talking in their neat accents nonstop for hours and making no sense and being insane and funny. only one of the host guys were on tonite, i guess the other had exciting memorial day weekend things to do (are you doing anythign exciting this weekend? i'm not). he said he'd been on hte show for 11 years! shit, i didnt realize the show had existed that long. here is a quote, as best i can remember "now, i'm no good at math.. but if you don't see the value in this set we're selling here, then......[sound of him trying to mentally add 2+3 and failing]....... then i don't know what i can show you... if you don't see the value in this set...[he smoothly switches topics to how cool the swords are]" sweet, dude. sweet.
i spotted this on that preview guide thingy. i don't normally watch the shopping channel, don't worry

i think the accoustic "what do i have to do" ends with the exact same drawn out piano chord as "epic" (faith no more). it sounds exactly teh same.. almost hte same rhythm he hits the notes too. cool beans. and the next song to come on my playlist? hardcore billiam "stinky nutz" - now that is a moodshift. i was debating with him today the playerness of barry white and if being on the simpsons was cool. hooray for billiam!

i like when people pronounce beautiful as beauty-full. my grandma does that, and i think it's neat. i also like when people clap when theyre excited/happy. that is unbelievably cute.
speaking of my grandma, she told renny (among other interesting things she said today, but i'll get to that) that he's "a mess of goodness". i think that would be a wonderful thing to be called

shit, dude! i just looked.. i haven't said much of anything since monday nite (tuesday morning, but meh). well well well... i'll try to just hit the high points, so to speak, but no promises. i tend to ramble... [breaks into song] ramble on... something somethign the time is now, gonna sing my song...

so, is a small quote from my monday psot: "tomorrow i'm sposed to hang out with lyzi, for the 1st time in 7000 years or so. assuming she doesn't disapear, as she tends to do, should be much fun"... so yeah, i was gonna call her after lunch. of course i'm insane, sleep late, go online when i get up (i really shouldnt sleep in teh room containing my computer, that leads to badness) and end up catching her online at 12:30. note that i still havent eaten at this point. fnarr. so hey, we're chittin' the chat. she has to go, says call her in a bit. i do so. we talk awhile more, discover neither of us has a clue what we should do for hangin out - not that this is anything new, i never have any brilliant hanging-out ideas - but whatever, we'll think of something, right? so she says she's gonna go shower and i should go have lunch and she'll call me back in like an hour. now, big ol surprise, she never called back. with most people, i would call then back after awhile and see what was up, but stuff like this was the reason i stopped trying to make plans with her for a few months before this (hence that 7000 years thing) and it just pissed me off. i think i ended up stayin home doing nothing that night. i've stayed at home doing nothing a lot this summer, already.. whenever i call, people are not home or busy or something, and biggie's cell NEVER works, and i can't find anything to do. so i stay home and sit online and feel fuckin lame. such is life.
o yeah, tuesday nite, i discovered sgnpcomix and read thru like 4 months of it straight. god this guy is brilliant. it made me feel alot better (mood went from shitty to i-think-i'll-go-to-bed-now).. that's the c-realm comics i linked to that nite.. he has a journal which i friendified to see it every day, but i went thru on c-realm to see all the fun comments. paul (sgnp is Some Guy Named Paul) gave me the "Go through and comment on past comics so that I have something to do while I wait for Kristin to get off work" Award! yay!

wednesday, around 1ish i think, me and dave went out to ups to apply for jobs cuz he'd heard from perkins that they pay like 15-20$/hr, which would be primo. the lady behidn the counter (after we finally foudn the damn place. how did we miss a huge brown building with 'united parcel servce' on the side?? twice!) didnt know if any jobs were available and didnt have any applications, but said we shoudl write our names and info on a piece of paper and she'd give it to the office or something. okiedoke. so then we went to the 7-11 across the street (brown ave is loaded with convenience stores and junk) to see if they have this new red mountain dew dave had heard about. turns out it was cherry flavored so i didnt get it cuz cherry sodas are nastyness. i think fresca. i really need to start remembering that i don't like fresca. every time i see it, i see on teh bottle 'grapefruit flavored soda' and think mmm that sounds yummy! and buy some, and remember it's gross. o well. and the place had some weird junk too - cool-aid looking drinks that came in bottles with powerpuff girl heads on the top, and an energy drink that came in a glass grenade. that was kinda freaky. i don't remember doing anything else all day after i dropped him off. does anyone know what i did wednesday?
o, one more thing.. me, dave, and ben made plans to go visit central tomorrow (as in, i asked if they wanted to go, and they did). i said i was goin around noon. (btw, for those of you new to my life, central was my highschool)

thursday.. call dave and ben around 11:30ish re: central-going-to-ness.. no answer at either house. hmm. do whatever the hell i do in the morning (i dont remember much of my life before noon or so each day), call again around noon, still no answer, leave em answering machine msgs, leave bout 10 mins later.. central was interesting. i wasn't really sure what to expect from goin back. i got there right at the start of mod f, peopel were walking across teh courtyard. there's flowers in orange mulch aroudn the statue now, it looks crappy. a good idea to grow some flowers, and yay for no one stomping them, but the mulch is ugly)
go into the caf.. the only person i recognized was sara battista. talked to her for a minute. wandered off to explore. went up to patten's room - door was open so i poked my head in. he tells me to come back mod g when he has lab. steph was in hte class. so off i go.. i forget what order stuff happened, so i'll just tell it all.. wandered the halls a few times trying to remember where people's rooms were.. talked to hicks in the caf.. saw josh and hp wandering the halls.. talked to naccach in her room at the beginning of a mod (she asked about renny..).. talked to madame miller for like a half hour in what i presume is the language teacher lounge.. talked to garrish in the courtyard.. talk to mirabile in the teacher parking lot, where she starts tellin me alot more personal stuff than i was expecting... go to PA (via the tunnel) to find heinhold. fail. decide to go back via the tunnel cuz it rules. some teacher stops me to ask if i have a hall pass. i say no, i'm an alum come visiting and didnt know i needed one. he says if i'm a grad i shoudla known i needed one, i point out i'd never been or seen anyone else asked for a hall pass in the 4 years i was there (not counting veilleux cuz he sucked), and he says i need to go to the office to get one. i say ok and turn to go thru the tunnel to the office and get a pass. he decides he'd better follow me.. he even attempted to smalltalk for some reason.. (god i'm tired.. but i wanna finish this before i go to bed) so we come out in the basement of classical building where i find garrish again.. he says that teacher's a dick about passes (that guy at this point was standing down the hall seemingly hiding behind a bookshelf, cept his gut gave him away).
so i go to the office.. secretary tells me that they don't have visitor passes anymore, and visitors flat out werent allowed while kids were around. okie doke. so i proceeded to continue wandering the halls, in flagrant and knowing violations of the rules. this point mod f ended. i went to the caf again to see if anyone showed up, cuz i seem to remember some people sayign they were in there in g. i didnt see anyone (mod was just starting, granted) and went up to patten's room. see steph in the hall, she tells me there's a poetry thing at the hot couch that nite and i should go. patten tells me he got it backwards, lab is hte next mod. when i mention the deal wiht the passes, he gives me one of his hall passes. yay! so i go back down to the caf to see if anyone's there since the mod is in gear now.. some crappy big gross grey lady stops me cuz she saw me leave before i need a note to get back in. i show her my newfound pass. no dice, she wants an actual note. i tell her i'm not a student, i'm visiting. she says i need a visitor pass from teh office. i refrain from sayin she's a big dickwad (i really shouldve tho) and wander off. o yeah, forgot to mention, tibbets was in patten's room when i went so i talked to him for a minute.. yay random. he is still a big happy crackhead. so i go to hte classical basement again and find cool people doing neat art things. tom durant and some ppl i forget now are drawing a projection of 'the scream' onto a wall. tom informs me that mrs rudman had asked about me (f?! i went to find her after this but coudlnt locate her). claire was there watching them cuz she had a sub and left hte class (someone else that day said they had pretty much just wandered out of class and i was kinda surprised but i forget who it was now). she looked damn cute. sometimes she's wicked cute, sometimes not. sometimes we have alot to talk about and it's all fun, sometimes we stand around conversationless. weird. we didnt hvae much to say this time. down the hall was allie and roxanne (who i didnt know even lived around here anymore, i thoguth she'd moved to somewhereoranother). talked to allie for a lil. wandered off some more. eventually mod h roles around.
ok, fuck this. it's 3:30 in the AM and i'm tired. i'll finish my babbling tomorrow or something.
appropriately i am now listening to ben folds five "narcolepsy". i've been writing this psot for over an hour now. crapola. almost 1 1/2 actually.

good night

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