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my parents get back in the morning

King Nixon (1:58:45 AM): unfuckingbelievable
zazmuzux01 (1:59:00 AM): ?
King Nixon (2:00:53 AM): did i tell you about all the shit w/ my computer yesterday?
zazmuzux01 (2:01:03 AM): nothing really besides what iread on lj
zazmuzux01 (2:01:07 AM): that you had to spend al ot of money on it
King Nixon (2:04:35 AM): yeah.. and that dell's shitty case doesnt work w/ a motherboard that's not from dell so we had to take it all apart again and it was a big pain in teh ass... well he came over tonite and hooked it all up in the new SIXTY DOLLAR case and it was all set, adn we go to install win98, and dell made the program so it only fucking runs on the fucking computer i fucking bought from them
zazmuzux01 (2:05:09 AM): get win xp
zazmuzux01 (2:05:14 AM): 98 fuckin sucks anyway
zazmuzux01 (2:05:18 AM): xp is the shizza
King Nixon (2:07:50 AM): ok. my freind is sending me an xp cd at some point anyway. btu the point is i HAVE a 98 cd and it was gonna at least run the fucking computer. plus all my programs i have backed up are for 98 cuz thats what i'm on now
zazmuzux01 (2:08:09 AM): xp IS 98
zazmuzux01 (2:08:12 AM): or nt
zazmuzux01 (2:08:12 AM): or someting
zazmuzux01 (2:08:16 AM): but its compatable i'm pretty sure
zazmuzux01 (2:08:18 AM): dont worry about that
zazmuzux01 (2:08:32 AM): who cares anyway, its your computer
zazmuzux01 (2:08:36 AM): you shouldn't be too dependent on it.
zazmuzux01 (2:08:40 AM): its bad if you are hehe
zazmuzux01 (2:08:57 AM): sounded like you had some viruses though, its good that you are formatting, xp will be alot better too
zazmuzux01 (2:08:59 AM): so what computer are you using now?
King Nixon (2:11:08 AM): 98 is nt. xp is different
King Nixon (2:11:36 AM): i dont have viruses. it's just fucked
King Nixon (2:11:43 AM): i AM dependent tho. you know i am
zazmuzux01 (2:11:50 AM): i know
King Nixon (2:11:50 AM): the old one again
zazmuzux01 (2:11:55 AM): well maybe this would be a good time to let go.
zazmuzux01 (2:12:07 AM): you'll be happier i promise hehe
zazmuzux01 (2:12:29 AM): well what do you really need? your chat programs and lj right?
zazmuzux01 (2:12:41 AM): mp3s you can re download, and its just music anyway
King Nixon (2:18:36 AM): yeah i know. i'm just being greedy. and now i made this whole fucking mess
zazmuzux01 (2:18:43 AM): haha how?
King Nixon (2:18:51 AM): how what?
zazmuzux01 (2:18:59 AM): you made this mess?
zazmuzux01 (2:19:01 AM): and what is this mess?
King Nixon (2:23:58 AM): i made this mess because i wasnt happy with a perfectly fine computer that had to be rebooted alot. whoopty doo. and now ive wasted all this time and money and theres stuff everywhere and my freind is geting 3 hrs sleep tonite and my dad is gonn abe pissed and i'm pissed and its all stupid anyway and tahts hte worst part. i KNOW nothing important happeend and it doesnt matter at all, its just a fuckign computer, i can go online from teh library as easily, but i'm so frustrated with everything now

and so forth

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