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so.. awesome thing that happened today.. i get out of work at 3 (i worked 1st shift today! i had to be in at 7am. i don't think i was fully awake til noon), walk to my car - o yes, there's a new policiy now. we can't park in the lot anymore, have to be in the street. the idea is to leave more room for customers to park. THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM. THERE AREN'T THAT MANY CUSTOMERS. but yeah - i get to my car and open the door. about 2 inches, at which point it screeches and will not move any farther. i look down, and there is a massive dent in the side of the car, and a note on the windshield. apparently someone backed into the car in an attempt to avoid a cat. and, as it turns out, that somoene is eric's mom. oookay. so anyway, i manage to wedge the door open enough to get in, and the car is drivable. the tire scrapes against hte wheel well every time i go over a bump tho. but later i bent the well so that it wasn't pressed against hte tire anymore, so it should be ok for the time being. tomorrow i will call henry's auto body and get an appt for them to look it over.
it's times like these that i'm glad i didn't get a vanity plate for this car. i'm not as attached to this one as i was to the WOODY4. at first i was pissed, but by 9ish when i was explaining it to my parents i was cracking up.

other things happened today, but i don't really have anything to say about them. the fallons had people over, as jack's birthday was friday. it was nice. i was expecting some sort of rememberence type thing to happen at some point, but that never did. it was an evening of hanging out. a lot of parents came and got drunk and were funny. it's fascinating how much my friends' parents together act like my friends together. we are our history.

i think i should own these

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