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all that glitters is gold

so, the estimate on my car is $1733. yay! they charge 38/hr labor. i wish i made that much.

and in news of the wtf: my dad decided today would be a good day to tell me about all the drugs he did in college. it was a truly bizarre conversation. the image he has always presented to me was of the extremely squeakyclean nature. he never outright denied doing drugs, but the implication was there. he said he was only drunk a couple times, and never DRUNK. okie doke. he is pretty violently antidrugs now, so it wasnt too much of a stretch, but i suspected all the same. how could someone go to college back then and not experiment?
so anyway, a few weeks ago i'm going to dinner with him and renny, and renny is babbling about hashish and indians and peyote and how pot should be legal (but he said we shoudl deny him ever saying that so he doesnt get in trouble. i'm not sure what he was expecting to happen), and he says something about my dad knowing about it, then goes "oops, i shoudlnt have said that. i'm sorry"... my dad says nothing.
cut to today. he says he wants to talk, sits down, and tells me about how in college he did pot and lsd and meth.. !!! .. i spent most of this conversation staring at him incredulously.. anyway, he says how if he knew then what he knows now he never wouldve and he waited til now to tell me because he wanted to make sure i was mature enough to understand and so forth. apparently he thinks last year my reaction would have been "woah my dad did drugs. I MUST NOW SNORT TONS OF CRACK COCAINE." luckily i am now far too mature for that. i will use heroin instead.

tomorrow, my new computer will exist. and i'm seeing signs. a banner day, it shall be.

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