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FREE SHOW: sept 7. dashboard confessional. hot rod circuit. boston. who wants to join me in rocking this particular casbah?

emmyGjean (1:45:33 AM): i say no to bras
King Nixon (1:45:52 AM): well that is ok
emmyGjean (1:46:27 AM): and no to cigarettes
emmyGjean (1:46:29 AM): hah
emmyGjean (1:46:36 AM): and no to dogs
emmyGjean (1:46:41 AM): but yes to cats
King Nixon (1:51:54 AM): i agree, no to cigarettes. half of my job is selling tehm to people, i haaaate it
King Nixon (1:52:24 AM): yes to cats AND dogs. they should live in harmony.
emmyGjean (1:57:26 AM): no
emmyGjean (1:57:30 AM): they should be at war
King Nixon (1:57:39 AM): make love not war

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