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computers are TUPID

so anyway, finally got the new computer up and running. all is well (xp is confusing), except that my last backup cd hates me. every time i try to open the briefcase thing whcih i supose i shouldnt have copied directly on but that's worked before dammit, it tells me that the disk is inaccessable.. but the other folder on the cd is just fine. bah. so i tried directly connecting the computers but have not hte proper cabling.
o yeah, and eric is a goon. not for the thing he said not to mention, because that wasn't his fault anyway so i dunno why he said not to mention it. but he's a goon.
i saw signs the other night. fuckin scaary! that is the 1st movie in a long time that actually scared me. so yeah, go see it. i didn't like the end tho.. i dont think he proved his point as well as he thinks he did
and now i get to work for 10 days or so. whee.

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