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how we have fun - here is where i live

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August 25th, 2002

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03:59 am - how we have fun
if you ever get a chance, drive over to the milford cumbys one night and meet Prob. weirdest clerk ever. he's a crazy babbling paranoid methodical petulant indian who yells for no particular reason. ask him about the powerball, and about his top-secret plan to buy a manchester convenience store.

but do it quick, he's getting fired in a week or two. he's only had the job as long as he has because he's friends with the area manager.

(his name might've been Prab, i forget. either way, it's pronounced the same. the other girl who i worked with today said his last name should be Lem)
state: grinning out my nose
np: dave matthews - live - - the space between

(en garde!)

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