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babies in bikinis are equivalent to candles with stools. [some games… - here is where i live — LiveJournal

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August 27th, 2002

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01:57 am
babies in bikinis are equivalent to candles with stools.
[some games of "eat poop you cat". the rules of the game are that 1 person writes a sentence, the next person draws that sentence, the next person writes a sentence describing the drawing, and so forth. each player can only see the step immediatley preceeding] [fyi-- the PNE is an amusement park]

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And when at last he came to Camelot, a wreath of airy dancers hand-in-hand swung round the lighted lantern of the hall; and in the hall itself was such a feast as never man had dreamed... so glad were spirits and men...
Strengths: faster than a speeding snail, more powerful than a mechanical pencil, able to leap tall speedbumps in a single bound
Weaknesses: easily distractible, often wary, always tired
Special Skills: obscure quoting, learning without paying attention, navigating without a sense of direction, once went to two whole kickboxing lessons
Weapons: blinding shirts, magical stubble, epee, a wealth of useless knowledge, a trusting nature
Philosophy: optimistic, often hypocritical, constantly evolving

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np: drowning pool - Live at River Rave 2002...June 9th @ Gillette Stadium - 10 - bodies

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Date:August 31st, 2002 08:02 am (UTC)
that is so cute. I have not the energy to make one, you may do so.

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