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i can't believe mc chris invited us on his world tour!

oh i forgot to mention-- the 2nd time i saw signs, it wasn't nearly as good. and not scary in the slightest. blah.

the middle toe on my left foot keeps going numb for no reason. um?

ashi-- what did you do to my mom? i think you infected that bracelet with some weird ashi germs. i'm sitting there watching the simpsons, and she walks into the room and announces she is going to make dolls. she then puts cotton and socks on the table and sets to work.
so anyway, as soon as she finishes, i will be hte proud owner of a "damit doll". it looks like a sock stuffed with cotton and strategically tied off at 2 places. and it gets cotton hair and cotton mouth and button eyes (actually, one of his eyes is a safety pin. he's a punk sockdoll). and it's a damit doll because when you're pissed, you can thwap them against things and swear. there's a little poem that explains this which i will post when she finishes it. and yes, damit is spelled that way in the poem. she said she was too lazy to retype it properly (someone gave her the poem and she's been photocopying it)

2 hours sleep is pretty rad. nope. i think the 1st sign of trouble was when i realized that i was getting up this morning 2 hours later than i had been going to sleep for the past week. so yeah, couldnt fall asleep til at least 5. 20 minutes late to work (how can there be traffic at 7am? why aren't all these people asleep?!)(oh, and my boss' comment on this: you know, i probably should be mad at you, but i don't really care). was planning to go to fencing after, but realized i forgot all my equipment at home and decided i didn't really feel like driving 4-5 hours today. and just now i check my email and discover that fencing was cancelled tonight anyway. so, word to my sleepy forgetfulness.

yay my dolly is done! here is the poem:

When you think you want to climb the walls
or stand right up and shout -
Here's a little "damit doll"
you cannot live without.

Just grasp it firmly by the legs*
and find a place to slam it.
Then as you whack its stuffing out
Yell "Damit, Damit, Damit!"
i'm debating if i wanna name him or not. i might feel bad slamming something i named. also, upon further thought, it looks more like a big freakish worm than anything else (well ok, it looks more like a sock than anything else. but ya know)
hmm. she just informed me that she gave blood today, and in return the red cross gave her one of those fake tuxedo t-shirts. that's a pretty cool deal. all i ever got was a sticker and some juice boxes.

*just occurred to me-- the way she makes them, they don't have legs. just sorta-leg-shaped stitching on the bottom of the sock. i guess that didn't fit the rhyme scheme as well tho

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