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this has been sitting in the lj client for like 2 days waiting to be posted. so here ya go

i worked this summer so i wouldnt' have to at school. i'm going to school so i can work when i graduate. i'm going to work so i can retire. then i will die. this doesn't feel right.

iv'e been thinking too much lately about romantic (in the life sense, not the couple sense) impossible things i could do with my life. living without work/money (grow a little self-sustaining garden somewhere for food, clothes from goodwill bought with change off teh street, etc); going into politics (i find the more i hate politicians, the more i want to be one. i'll show those fucks how it's done); travelling- just head wherever i feel like and getting odd jobs; etc. all the things that fictionally make for a "satisfying" life. because in reality i have no idea what i want. renny asked me the other day what i want from life. i answered "happiness". that is quite correct, and the vague generality a good point in itself, but at the same time.. i have no direction. no motivation. i'm coasting along on wants and shoulds and whatever's convenient, whatever comes along.

so last night i was calling at$t broadband to find out why i can't connect to their happy little network. i found out, after talking to 3 people (i was upgraded to speaking to a senior technician! and then another one!) and being told 3 things which will definitley fix the problem, and which definitely did not fix the problem, that talking to them wasn't going to help me much. so i called dell.
of all the things they could have.. on hold with dell tech support, i heard: "she drives me crazy" by fine young cannibals (twice in a row), then some 10 minute new order-ish song. all this of course interrupted frequently by the recorded annoying guy telling me to look on their website for tech answers when my problem is the computer won't connect
finally someone answered, and.. i seem to remember mentioning something about this long ago, but i can't remember and it came as a shock to me today.. but when they looked up my account (based on the service tag number printed on the side of the comp), the computer is registered to a RICHARD DUMAS who lives at 54 college road in durham. how nice for him. and the guy (avec a thick southern accent) then told me that i had to call some other people because i didnt get the computer straight from dell
so later i call their "relationship technical support line" (this means dell has some relationship with the company i actually purchased the comp from - in this case, unh). when i was on hold with THEM, i got classical music. because they are a higher caliber of people. the guy who answered actually gave me the right answer, shockingly enough. so it only took talking to 5 people for one of htem to be right

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