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i'm at school! schoolio! anyway yes.. i have not unpacked yet. i suppose i should soon so i can go to bed, seeing as i have stuff all over the bed and the sheet is somewhere in my suitcase. class tomorrow at 11 and then i have teh whole day off to get reaquainted with this lovely world.
i dunno about all the new dormies we've got here. it's only the 1st day so i'll reserve judgement, but a lot of them seemed kinda iffy from that meetngreet. but on the good side i already made friends w/ a couple of them. this kid chris is the nicest guy ever, seriously. he was waiting around outside and whenever someone pulled up with their stuff he offered to help them unpack. we went to some comedian guy in the mub (he was sooo funny) and chris was actively worried that not everyone would be able to get in. when we got there, there was a bunch of people just kinda sitting around. they were waiting, but it was like a cloud of people, there wasnt a line. so we walked up and were standing there, and when it coalesced into an actual line we were in front of a lotta people who'd been there longer. so he was worried we had bumped someone and they woudlnt be able to go now cuz of us. but.. i am supersmooth and thought i had lost all my cards (credit, ID, etc) when actually they were all sitting in plain sight on my desk. but i realized they werent in my pocket and came back to the dorm to find them. when i went back there was teh HUGEST crowd waiting to get in, it was absurd. so if anyone didnt get in, they wouldve shown up a lot later than we did. i think just about everyone got in but i dunno
but yeah, a good day. saw bunches of people, if not for real long. tomorrow i'll go rock some visits.

oh, if anyone is interested, my schedule:
biotechnology and society - mon/wed/fri 12-1
milton - tues/thurs 11-12:30
essay writing - mon/wed 2:40-4 (taught by meredith hall! raddest lady)
world englishes - wed 4-6:30

i just noticed- i had this whole big paragraph about not much, and what do i choose to cut? 4 lines. go me

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