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so, in case any of you were confused and thought i had a life, i just want to share with you what i did today:

11something - 3:45... played chrono trigger
3:45 - 6... went to visit heron at work. she was just getting off, so we went to dinner. discussed drinking and linguistics, mostly
6 - 8:15... chrono trigger
8:15-8:35... simpsons
8:35 - 9ish... hung out in vanessa's room and met her wildlife
9 - 10ish... chrono trigger
10 - 12... took a walk with dorm people
12 - 1... took another walk with other dorm people
1 - 3:30... chrono trigger

so yeah, i spent around 10 hours today playing chrono trigger. that game is going to be the death of me. but maybe i'll actually finish it this time, which would be exciting.
and now i guess i'll do my homework..

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