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people are so weird and it's wonderful

my god this song is dour

i further proved my intense poster-making (lack of) skill at aegis today. it's so bad. everyone else was making all these artistic looking nice fancy things, and like cutting them out in designs and whatnot. mine is cut out lopsided, and i just wrote all over it in markers and it's a mess and the words are sloped and get smaller and smaller as i kept on writing. and i got to use the blowmarkers, they rule. my poster proclaims SUBMITTING TO AEGIS WILL MAKE YOU ATTRACTIVE AND POPULAR! JUST LIKE US!. i got two of the famous people in theatersports "celebrity" game. i rocked that shit. gumby and stalin. and vanessa played freeze cuz i told her to. OBEY ME. ha. i am manic, it's funny. wehfaoiwhegfwhvjaw i don't know. i had a lull mid afternoon but generally this has been a super rad day. got my absurd amount of sleep, went to breakfast, went to class, bummed around, hung out, aegis, julie came!, theatersports, rocked the woodruff hangout. it's been spiff. that's my new word. spiff. i don't like it, but i use it anyway.
i think i'm gonna take advantage of my getting up at 8whatever this morning, and try altering my sleeping habits a little. not drastically, but i figure getting up at like 10 instead of noon. that'd be craziness. CRAZY. YESYEYSYESFEHJAIHGLEWNVLlSJEflajwef.

yeah i'm sane a lot


the best part of this post is most (any?) of you will have no clue what i'm talking about

OK my mood is too large for the mood box, so i will put it here for your various amusements: HELLO MY FUTURE GIRLFRIEND. i keep thinking about that today. i don't know why. i hope that kid gets laid all the time now

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