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explorer is interfering with my soundcard in some way that i can't figure out

does anyone have use for a 100$ tattoo removal gift certificate? i sure don't. first come first serve

Charles Fort wrote of the "courageous persistence of the scientific: Everything seemingly found out is doomed to be subverted - by more powerful microscopes and telescopes; by more refined, precise, searching means and methods - the new pronouncements irrepressibly bobbing up, their reception always as Truth at last, always the illusion of the final."

  • i love these people

    [5:38:08pm] [skrolnik] ... melley, on her ex: [5:38:10pm] [skrolnik] this is like the time he decided he was going to teach himself to type…

  • spy vs spy

    King Nixon (6:51:09 PM): fun fact: carlo rossi chianti is kinda wicked gross phairbear (6:51:22 PM): not a huge surprise King Nixon (6:51:57 PM):…

  • meteorology

    okay, lauri just called me like omg it's snowing!! except, it's not here. SHE IS A MILE AWAY. this state is weird.

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