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quick review

*the from autumn to ashes cd i bought is defective and skips a lot. i tried some other cds, and they play fine. i cleaned the drive. there is nothing on the actual cd to clean, not even a smudge. it looks like there's a watermark inside the cd or something. is this one of those "copyprotected" asshole cds? no, nevermind. no cds play right anymore.

*the printer driver i installed so i can do double-sided printing pops up a systray icon every time i start the computer, even tho i selected the "hide the stupid pointless icon" option

*the taskbar gets dropped down to 1 thingy tall whenever i turn the computer on, despite me moving it to 2 tall every time

*whenever windows is starting now, it tells me that my login failed because my password was wrong. now, a) this is before anything has happened which might involve me logging in, b) i don't have a password, c) when i click ok it brings me to the welcome screen, wheron i click on my name and it logs me in w/o asking for a password. also, in the error screen, it shows, in the password box whcih i have never typed anything into, two **s. so i guess the wrong password which it MADE UP OUT OF THIN AIR FOR NO REASON is two characters long

i give the fuck up. this computer is as retarded as the last one. as soon as i get the office cd which i smoothly left at home, i'm going to reformat and reinstall everything. if it doesn't work then, i will destroy it and run a new computer myself by manipulating the binary digits by hand. if that fails, i will reformat my brain.

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