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like my day but in reverse

i love when this kinda thing happens... i drop jack off. i put on the radio as i'm driving down his street, heading home. it's set to waaf, who were playing some song, i forget what now, that i didn't feel like hearing. so i switch to bcn, and they're playing the same song. so i switch to 101, and they're playing the same song. f?! STOP BEING THE SAME STATION! dirty germans (i decided after seeing pearl harbor that i'm not offensive enough and should start saying that).
so i went to pizza nite tonight. it has been far too long, i had a niftarrific time. folks present: eli, nichole, dave, steph, jack, dave proulx, porter. i don't remember most of the evening, but i spent a lot of it in pain from laughing too much, which is one of the better pains to be in, if one must choose. there were 2 little old ladies sitting across from us drinking beer (they had a pitcher! yay for little old ladies), and i would really like to know what htey thought of us. something very amusing, i'm sure. i don't think i'd seen porter since he came up to unh the nght julie and heron attempted to get their belly buttons pierced. he's good folk. as are they all. i was going to say more about our hijinks, but i've forgotten most of it. so i'll say that i hadnt realized how much i miss hanging out with all those people. my friends rule.
i got to pizzanite late (they were so surprised when i walked in. nichole spent about 30 seconds just gasping. i was quite pleased) because i was filling out and then dropping off my application to homevision video. i am verily looking forward to getting free movies, that is gonna be sweet. bud called earlier to say he was gonna work there, tho i have a sneaking suspicious he said video update, so we may have miscommunicated somewhere. i'll hafta check into that. it would definitely be an odd odd experience working with him for any length of time, i think.
that's about all i did today, other than have my gums wounded by the dentist and fail at waking up. my alarm was set for 11:20 cuz my appointment was at noon and i wanted to have breakfast and stuff 1st cuz i like food and being hungry sucks. so at 11:20 the alarm goes off, i hit the snooze. after what i thought was about 5 minutes, i roll over and look at the clock. it was 11:36. so not only did i somehow lie there for 16 minutes without noticing, my snooze never went back off like it's supposed to. grr.
i had a weirdass dream, too. me and lauri were going to some crappyass summer school at new hampshire college. my homework was to make a model of ihavenocluewhat but it involved a clothes hanger and some weird plastic frame thingy and what appeared to be a cross between a wedding dress and a bathrobe, cept it was seethru. yay. oh, and nick the crazy english/philosophy guy from my dorm was there too, and some huge guy with a knife almost dropped a table on me when i was running from the kid i thoguht was going to throw a bomb at me.

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