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once again, i write things and forget to post them. this is from earlier i think. i'm too lazy to... - here is where i live

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September 22nd, 2002

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01:27 am - once again, i write things and forget to post them. this is from earlier i think. i'm too lazy to...
...read it and check

there is some weird stuff on tv, let me tell you. i got back last night just in time for the dorm viewing of SHOCK TV 2002. this is some hbo show of hte most fucked up stuff on tv all over the world. 90% of it was bad porn of one form or another. there were a lot of gameshows involving nudity and outright screwing. i wonder if that inspired blow by blow, or maybe the other way around. i think we should have a dorm viewing of THAT. but yeah, when it wasnt creepy porn (80 yr old tattooed naked women and nude old lady shopping), it was people eating gross stuff. like fear factor, only much worse. this one girl eats a pig eye (i think pig, it mighta been goat), and she's biting down and she can't bite it. then it suddenly pops and eye goo dribbles all out her mouth and down her chin. it was BLACK goo. dude. and people were eating live lizards and rats and cow shit. and it ended with "jack off and the beanstalk" which was a really demented takeoff on the fairy tale, with jack being stuffed inside the giant's wife while they screw, and all the furniture starts getting in on it. it was something

in other news, cleaning up dirty marshes is not as much fun as one might expect. my shoe is covered in mud and filth now, i think i may need a new pair. considering the other one is now being held together wiht duct tape anyway
np: Aerosmith - A Little South Of Sanity - Disc 1 - 06 - Monkey On My Back

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Date:September 23rd, 2002 01:27 am (UTC)
it's weird how we don't eat any living things in our culture. you'd think there'd be something that is consumed whilst still alive in america or the surrounding regions, but there isn't. insects maybe?

that does it, i'm gonna eat some bugs dammit.
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Date:September 27th, 2002 02:22 pm (UTC)
there's the lovely frat drunk-asshole tradition of drinking live goldfish.

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