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"hello, i'm mr thinkstoomuch" "oh, perhaps you should cut down then!" - here is where i live

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September 28th, 2002

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07:33 pm - "hello, i'm mr thinkstoomuch" "oh, perhaps you should cut down then!"
yeah so my new idol is a guinea pig. what's it to ya?

SO my plan for the weekend:

now- sit here doing whatever
8:45- get dormies and go to recycled percussion
after- drive to jay's party deep in the woods of candia. proceed to be astounded for much of the night
here is jay convincing me to go:

HalcyonTillDawn (2:41:32 PM): do you like.......
HalcyonTillDawn (2:41:57 PM): Techno (house,D+B,breakbeats).......
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:03 PM): Glass blowing.....
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:09 PM): Impressionism painting......
King Nixon (2:42:18 PM): why yes i do
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:26 PM): nightime weling sculptue......
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:30 PM): wleding
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:34 PM): welding....
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:37 PM): lol...
HalcyonTillDawn (2:42:48 PM): and hip hop freestylin?
extremely latenight/earlymorning- go home. sleep. something. trade cars with my mom so she can bring mine to be repaired tomorrow
3- work at the cumbys on union
11- something. go back to unh.
hopefully sometime this weekend- write my paper for essay writing, do my reading for ALL MY CLASSES that i've been putting off, read over sasha's essay, figure out my world englishes FINAL project topic, which she wants us to know by this wednesday.
state: pleasedpleased
np: Deftones - Germany 2000 - - Kill You (Eminem cover)

(1 shot upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:September 29th, 2002 06:24 pm (UTC)
You hadn't heard about Sooty before? That's been making the rounds for a couple years at least.

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