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it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not

so friday, me and steph ended up - instead of metropolis - watching weird flash movies online for 3 hours. because we're easily amused like that. god there are some weird people out there

my recycled percussion social was a whopping success with all ZERO people who came. fuckers. but heron was there, and when we were talking out i saw brette. so i went to say hi, and we had awkward small talk for a second and i left. i hate when that happens. she's someone i always kinda wanted to be better friends with than i was. but yeah. so then, headed home, to grab a jacket for jay's party, since i lost my spring jacket/it was stolen. i discovered, at home, that my winter jacket is also gone missing. wtf! why is all my stuff disapearing this year? (tho it turns out the cryptic unidentifiable cd my dad mentioned was my missing office cd, so that's found at least). so i snagged my dad's jacket and left for jay's party, which i will detail in a later post. but let me just mention here that by being out in teh woods, he actually meant out in some giant sand pit. and when i was leaving, 5 cop cars swarm through the gate and box me in. so keep some money on hand for my bail fund.
i got home around 5am, and went to bed. todd called around 6:30 and talked to my dad, who regularly gets up at such horrible times of day for his own strange reasons. he wanted me to come in at 7am, and my dad informed him that wasn't gonna happen. so todd told him to let me know that i was to work at the webster store instead of union. okie. my dad was noncommittally supportive about my beard, about as i expected, but my mom is not happy with it. she is anti-beards in general, especially since renny's is immense and unkempt. also, my mom told me that she'd seen a show about how convenience stores are a terribly unsafe place to work (as she put it, "it wasn't some bullshit enquirer show"), and she doesn't want me to get robbed and shot, and if i stop working at cumbys she will pay me what i would have been earning. now, as much as i would LOVE to be paid to not work, i am strongly leaning towards not taking her offer. i don't want my parents paying my way more than they already do, and i certainly don't want to be taking advantage of her paranoia. on the other hand, it wouldnt be a huge financial hardship on them, and it would be one less thing for my mom to fret and worry about. so, i dunno. but probably not, i would just feel too weird and guilty about it
i worked today with tim, a friend of justin, who was fired for stealing from the store even though there is no evidence he stole from the store and todd (manager) doesn't think he did. but cindi the area manager had it in for him and there ya go. anyway, tim is an interesting fellow. at one point, he went outside for a cigarette break. he comes in a minute later all excited-- he says some local girl just gave him a little bag of cocaine for no reason. "free cocaine! that doesn't happen! who even USES cocaine?!" so he was all psyched. apparently he's gonna mix it with his pot tonight, and smoke up. smoke weed every day. but yeah, later the girl came in and he pointed her out to me. she's like 14. then a cop came in and started talking to her, and asked waht she's been up to. tim tells me the cop is her uncle. oh, if he only knew
and my parents came by to give me souvlaki for no reason. i wish that could happen every day

ps: i accomplished exactly none of my "hopefully sometime this weekend" goals. so i guess this will be a long night

I POST YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

[hahaha i have winamp on shuffle.. and right after it played tristania, it went to the apotheosis o fortuna remix]

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