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i have now been up for approximately 19 hours. no, 21 hours. i can't count
ps: the reason (sortof) that i was up all night is that i coudlnt think of anything to write an essay on, which is due today. i thought of many things, but none that filled out to be much mroe than a page (and poorly at that). this is the 2ND ESSAY OF THE SEMESTER. i have to do 1 every 2 weeks. how can i have run out of ideas already? i think i should drop out of school and come live with you
so i'm gonna read sasha's paper now for our meeting in 40 minutes, then i will eat and read for bio. then after bio, at 1, iw ill come back here and attempt to write my essay for 2:30. hopefully i can do in an hour and a half what i coudlnt in 10 hours

actualy i spent most of the night being distracted from working. but i did try 52858385 different ideas, and none of htem worked. so ner

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