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bohemian rhapsody

so moulin rouge was on like 3 times yesterday, for whatever reason. i never realized before how immoral a movie that is. not that it's about hookers and druggies, i dont care about that, but-- the duke, the big villian, this is a guy who everyone else in the movie is taking advantage of, in teh worst possible way. these bohemians keep saying how nothing is more important and vital to life than love, and living for love. so what do they do? they get him in love with satine, she pretends to love him back, and they take advantage of this to get him to hand over his money. theyre abusing the thing they value most in the world. i would rather have a hitler who is doing what he believes to be right, despite what i think of it, than a ghandi who violates his own moral code. being a relativist, that is my closest definition to evil. so anyway, all the horrible (i'm not denying they are) things he does come directly from everyone else taking advantage of his emotions.
and then- satine and whatshisname's plan to run away and leave everything behind and go be in love somewhere, to escape. this sounds like a grand romantic notion, but think about it for a second- they would be screwing over everyone they care about and who care about them. all these people hve invested in the show and the scene would be brought down. the duke would own the moulin rouge and be furious. they would all be turned out. thus ends their bohemia

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