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i wonder if abundance is any easier than absense.

i take it as a personal slight when people don't return interest. i know this is stupid

saw red dragon last night. very good. it redeems the series after the travesty of hannibal. and for no apparent reason, before the movie started (they let us in at 8 and started the movie a lil before 9) they were playing jacob's ladder. so everyone got to see just enough to make us all want to watch the rest

mub falafel is the blows

fire safety people came around earlier to check my fire alarm and that i'm not going to burst into flames. the guy is peering around my room in confusion, and finally asks me "no fridge? tv? microwave?" i tell him nope, and he looks baffled. oh the ascetic life

so i'm using this program sandra that tells me exciting things about my computer. for example, just a moment ago, it was telling me my swap file is 611mb which is more than it needs. i go "hmm" and check - my swap file is set to be 400mb. but it seems to think it's bigger. just to test, i set it to 300. now sandra is telling me my swap file is 511. is the program stupid, or does xp add 111 meg to swap files for some nefarious purpose? ps: it also says that the swap is a) currently using 288mb b) has 410mb free. THAT DOESNT ADD UP. tho it does say that the pagefile is set to always be 300. so i dont know why it isnt. is my computer dumb, the program dumb, me dumb?

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