Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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oh fucking hooray. good for you mike. have fun. have a blast. i'll just sit in my room some more i guess.

i know i fucked up. i know it, it was stupid. i'm fuckin sorry. but dammit it was a slip and it was still more effort than youve ever put forth. so what am i supposed to say? i try now and nothing. this is the 1st day ive gotten a fucking resopnse at all for fucks sake. FUCKDEIKJSEGESA. so yeah. go back to him. that works so well. be here every day. i'll kill mylsef in a week. oh god i need to get out

youre so perfect in these ways and nothing at all in those ways and i cant reconcile it in my head. i WANT YOU SO MUCH.

theres just nothing to say, is there. please never smile at me again

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